A Beginner’s Guide to Building Muscle

A Beginner’s Guide to Building Muscle When it comes to building muscle, strength training is what you need to do. While cardio is great for burning calories and fat, only weight training can help you increase muscle mass and strength. Unfortunately, a lot of guys want to pack on muscle but have no idea where to start. We’ve put together these guidelines to get you started. 1. Stick to more...

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6 Trail Running Tips for Men

6 Trail Running Tips for Men Men who have recently taken up the sport of trail running will likely have a soft spot for nature. In fact, running on the local trails will allow most athletes to get in a good workout while also taking in the surrounding scenery. To improve your running and stay safe during your time in the wild, try these trail running tips: Learn to Run more...

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How to Bulk Up: 4 Tips

How to Bulk Up: 4 Tips Gaining more muscle mass is a common goal for most individuals. Similar to any goal, if a plan is properly developed and followed, then bulking up can become a reality. The parts within the strategy need to focus upon proper nutrition, exercise and rest. If the implementation of the plan stays the course, then noticeable differences with physique could more...

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Best Cardio Workout Ideas to Burn Fat

Best Cardio Workout Ideas to Burn Fat There are tons of activities that will burn calories and pay dividends in other ways. For that reason, there is nothing wrong with stepping outside the box and doing something different, like the following activities: Cross-Country Skiing Cross-country skiing will definitely help you to burn calories fast. You can either hop on a gym machine or make more...


How to Lose Men’s Love Handles

How to Lose Men’s Love Handles If you’re carrying some extra weight around the midsection, you’re most likely familiar with love handles. This body fat around your obliques is typically the last to go when you’re trying to lose weight. With these men’s nutrition and fitness tips, you can finally get rid of this stubborn fat – and keep it off. 1. Do more cardio. Both weight more...

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How to Get a V-Shaped Body: 4 Tips

How to Get a V-Shaped Body: 4 Tips You've probably noticed that extremely fit men have what’s known as the "V-shape torso." This is achieved by broadening the shoulders whilst thinning out in the lower waist as much as possible. It's not exactly an easy feat to achieve this highly sought-after look, but with patience, the correct fitness practices, and a specific diet, you can be well on more...

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How to Get a Shredded Body

How to Get a Shredded Body Getting shredded for the summer does not have to be an incredibly difficult feat. The most common mistake men make while trying to get really lean is not focusing in on the importance of nutrition and certain types of exercises. Here is an overview of what you need to do to get shredded. Focus on diet Most fitness experts agree that diet is the more...

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How to Improve Muscle Recovery

How to Improve Muscle Recovery Pushing yourself hard during workouts is a great way to build results. However, there is such a thing as overdoing it. We know you want to get back into the gym fast after finishing a workout, but without proper recovery, you might be setting yourself up for big injuries. Here’s what you can do to speed up recovery and hit the gym hard again. more...


Best Ab Exercises for Men

Best Ab Exercises for Men Ask any fitness model and you'll get the same answer: abs make or break a physique. There's no bigger indicator of being fit or anything sexier on a man's body than a ripped six-pack. Unfortunately, abs are one of the hardest muscle groups to perfect because they require a combination of extremely low body fat and muscle development to achieve. If you more...

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Best Arm Exercises for Men

Best Arm Exercises for Men Nothing stands out more in the gym than having massive and well-defined arms. While there might be a genetic factor to determining the overall size and growth of your arms, there are some very great exercises you can use to develop your biceps and triceps. Biceps and triceps tend to be one of the most highly trained muscle groups by men. Because of the more...

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