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Can You Microwave the Eye Gel Mask for the Warm Setting

Can I Microwave My Eye Mask Pads?

While going around the cosmetic section of a supermarket you might see an eye mask filled with gel. Many people who have used them have said that they are good when it comes to reducing dark circles below your eyes. In this article you will come to know about these products which give you great benefits.

Eye Mask

Eye Masks are gel eye masks filled with a gel which is very soothing for your eyes. It helps to reduce the puffy red eyes and even dark circles. It has numerous beauty benefits some even are therapeutic in nature. It can relax your eyes.

How Often Can You Use A Gel Eye Mask?

If you have swelling in your eyes it is best to use a cooling eye gel mask to reduce the swelling. Hot mask or compress even helps your eyes to relax. It can be used till the symptoms are there or whenever they return.

Always make sure to properly clean the mask as there are many harmful bacteria which can grow on the mask. Hence, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly before use. So that you don’t get an infection.

How to Choose an Eye Mask

There are many eye masks available in the market. Some eye masks can do everything (also known as heating and cooling gel eye masks). A quick note if you think that you may have an infection around your eyes, you must consult a doctor before using an eye gel mask. Mostly hot eye masks can cause infection from one eye to another. If the eye masks are not sterilized properly.

Cold treatment is more famous than the others for its cosmetic properties. It can treat puffy eyes and also reduce sinus headaches.

The problems that serve best by an eye mask are:

  • Headaches: It is nowadays also a lifestyle problem, people are so affected by stress that it is really important to treat headaches. There are many causes from stress to even dehydration. If you’ve drank a lot of water and also tried to reduce stress at work you can surely try a cooling gel mask and a nap. If you see that the migraines are consistent, talk to your doctor.
  • Baggy Eyes: Smoking, lack of sleep, allergies, fluid retention and many other genetic reasons can cause baggy eyes.
  • Dark Circles: There are numerous reasons which include hyperpigmentation and genetics cause dark circles around the eyes even in young individuals.

Can You Microwave The Eye Gel Mask For The Warm Setting?

Never place your Eye Gel Mask in the microwave.  Always make sure to use hot water to warm the mask. However, you should never boil it. Keep it in the hot water for a few minutes and then take it out. Now you can add the gel on your eyes. It is always advisable to lay a piece of small cloth between your eye and the mask to keep your eyes protected from extreme heat or cold and prevent any damages to your eyes.

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