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How to Prevent and Stop Greasy Hair in Men

Greasy Hair Men Guide – How to Prevent Overnight

There are not many perfect hairstyles to hide the greasiness of your hair. It is important to think about what products to use to stop getting your hair greasy. Oily hair can look like they have not been washed for some time. Oily or greasy hair can occur naturally by oils which are produced on the scalp. Some men just have more oil producing glands than others. Many times its heredity and hormonal imbalance. Both ways it is annoying. Listed below are the reasons for greasy hair and what can be done to prevent and stop greasy hair.

Reasons for Greasy Hair

It is easier said than done to remove the greasiness of your hair. Some men are genetically born with oily skin and hair. It is just that you need to groom yourself with hair products that suit your needs. So, before you give up on your hair greasiness and cover your hair with a hat. Listed below are some very common causes that makes your hair greasy and some tips to keep your hair grease free.

Overactive Oil Glands

This is a genetic problem. If you have oily skin it is very much possible that you have greasy hair too. The reason being the same sebaceous glands also cover your scalp and secret the body oils as well.

This is not a totally bad thing. Your hair can be oily by nature and your hair strands would grow brittle, frail and damaged. The overactive oil glands lead to shiny, greasy hair that no one ever wants.

If you have oily hair you need to use the best shampoo for men that has cleaners which are very gentle. The shampoos which have harsh chemicals and strong detergents will damage your scalp and hair. This can make the overactive glands to overproduce oils as it may think there is deficiency of oil and create a bigger problem.

Thin Hair

The hair which is thin is much oilier than the ones which are thick. The reason behind this is there is less hair for the oil to cover. There are many advantages of thin hair but it has its own disadvantages as well.

Natural shampoos are the best to use for this type of hair. If your hair is thin thickening shampoo is the best. If you get a natural shampoo that contains hydrolyzed wheat protein then you should try it for sure. It enhances your hair follicles and makes your hair healthier and thicker in look. Thus, also treating the greasy look.


Most of the greasiness occurs due to stress. So, think about this when you are trying to meet the deadline and work and are pretty stressed about it, chances are your hair is getting greasier because of the stress.

If you know that you are stressed out be sure that your hair and skin are going to suffer. It is not a hard thing to reduce stress from your life. Try including practices which can calm your lifestyle and reduce stress such as meditation, stretching, breathing exercises. You can even go outside for fresh and clean air this will help reduce stress. It will make you feel better and make your hair look better as well.

You Wash Your Hair Too Much

Sometimes many people think that if they wash their hair too often it can reduce the oiliness of the hair. However, this is not always true.

Hair needs to be a bit oily. However, when you use a heavy-detergent shampoo it removes away all the moisture and oil, now your oil glands start to overdo things on their own. Thus, the hair gets greasy again. So, you wash your hair again, creating a vicious cycle.

Apart from switching to a natural shampoo which is good for men, you can also reduce the frequency of washing your hair. Start shampooing alternate day to avoid the greasy look of your hair.

Use Natural Hair Care Products

You need to try different ways to treat your hair and check which product suits you the best. It does not matter which product works for you. You need to make sure the product you are using is the best natural product when it comes to hair care for men. The hair product can make your hair look naturally shiny, healthy and properly moisturized.

Combing Your Hair

It is important that you comb your hair only when it is absolutely required. You don’t have to brush 100 times a day. When you comb the hair, you are activating the oil glands which then starts producing oil. Reduce combing your hair as it can cause an increase of oiliness in your hair. Thus, making your hair look greasy.

Hands away

It is natural that everyone touches their hair, but this all transfers the oil in your palms onto your hair. There might be residue of your lotion or oil from the snacks you had or may be something greasy you had held. This is the easiest and the fastest way that your hair becomes greasy. Always wash your hands before you touch your hair.

Clean Your Brush

Never use a dirty brush with hair which is freshly cleaned. Your hair brush may contain styling products that can be full with styling products and chemicals. Most of the time they are filled with dirt or gunk. This can make your hair look dull, greasy and dirty. Clean the hair which is loose on the brush and free it from the oil and dirt.

Deep Clean

Many people have used this home remedy that can be very useful in summer. Aloe vera mask can keep your hair and scalp very healthy and remove the extra oil from the skin.

Be gentle

Whenever you are touching, brushing or washing your hair, be very gentle. It makes a huge change in how your hair looks.

Rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar

There are a wide range of benefits when it comes to mainlining pH balance and reducing the pH balance of the hair.

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