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Guide to Grooming Men’s Eyebrows

How to Trim Eyebrows for Men

Men with clean and shaped brows are known to be very attractive and pleasant looking to the eyes. These men know the importance of grooming men’s eyebrows. Instead of having a bushy or bulky eyebrows which can make you look self-conscious.

Every man knows that it is hard to tame the manly eyebrows so listed below is the guide with the important shaping tool to help you in properly shape the eyebrows for boosting your confidence.

Why Is It Important For Men To Groom Eyebrows?

Everyone takes out time to trim their hair at least once a week and gets a haircut each month. However, the eyebrows are not maintained in the same way. Thus, to tell you the truth eyebrows also need to be groomed.

Men’s eyebrow is a very important feature of the face and requires maintenance each month. Even if they are not symmetrical to each other they need the undivided attention and treatment. When you keep your eyebrow groomed. It looks very neat and clean and adds up more space around the eye for a youthful look.

Are There Shops Where Men’s Eyebrows Are Groomed?

Yes, there are many shops where you can groom your eyebrows. Are there shops where men’s eyebrows are groomed? It does not matter if you are a beginner who has never dared to groom his eyebrows and want professional help. There are many grooming salons that can help you in grooming your needs. These shops can be found as a normal barbershop or a waxing salon.

Men’s Eyebrows- Their Types:

Every man has a different eyebrow look, even if you think they look the same. It is the same as being brothers and not twins. As you all know there are different types of eyebrows. This vastly depends on the density of hair on the eyebrow, let’s say some are bushy eyebrows, some have less hair and some are in the form of a unibrow. Below are the different types of men’s eyebrows to make you understand the variations:

  1. Thick/Bushy Brows

You have a bushy eyebrow if you see that your eyebrows have a good density of hair. The hair would be thick, long and would have a slight frizz. Men with these eyebrows would need only a little bit of maintenance to get the shape and arc they want.

  1. Short Eyebrows

If you have a short eyebrow then it means that the length of your eyebrow hair is towards the right on top of the right corner of your eye and stops near the inner corner.

  1. Long Eyebrows

If you have long eyebrows it would seem like very thin and fine hair. The length of the eyebrows starts from the inner corner of your eye and would stop at the outer corner of your eye.

  1. Straight Eyebrows

It is literally what it says. The shape of your eyebrows is in a straight line with no curves or arches and is known as a straight eyebrow. Mostly found in Asian men who like to have these patterns of eyebrows.

  1. Arched Eyebrows

This type of eyebrows gives an arched look near the outer corner of the eye.

What Eyebrow Grooming Tools Would You Need?

Grooming men’s eyebrows need a specific set of tools to groom both brows and make sure they look their best. It does not matter if you are shaping or trimming them. You need to understand the tool before you start the grooming process of the eyebrows:

  • Eyebrow Scissors: Cuticle Scissor: Prior to grooming your eyebrows make sure you find the right tool which is best for your brows. You would need a good eyebrow scissor to begin grooming your eyebrow. Unlike the normal scissors these eyebrow scissors have a sharper tip and a curvy shape. This is specially done to adjust to your eyebrow area for a perfect trim.
  • Eyebrow Tweezers Set: The other tool which you need to groom your eyebrow apart from the scissors, is a tweezer. It provides you control on how to shape your brows and precisely keep the edges trim. This tool is used for single strands of eyebrow hair which are difficult to remove but avoid over-plucking of the eyebrow.
  • Eyebrow Pencil: If you have very less hair in the eyebrow area, the eyebrow pencil is what you would require to make an illusion showcasing fuller eyebrows. This tool is super affordable. It works amazingly for men with uneven or sparse eyebrows.
  • Eyebrow Razor: This is a professional equipment that can give your eyebrow a perfect look. However, it is better to get some practice before you actually use it on the eyebrows, as it requires some experience. This is not like the normal razor. You gently need to shape the eyebrow. It is very fast and even gives your eyebrow a precise look.
  • Thread: Generally, not used for men’s eyebrow grooming. This is generally practiced by professionals who have trained to develop a certain level of skills and experience. Generally, you’ll only be needing this tool if you’re planning to thread those bushy brows. A worthy note is to make sure you use high-cotton threads so that they don’t break off easily.
  • Spoolie: This tool is a perfect solution to keep your eyebrow neat and clean. This tool is to be used daily to keep your eyebrows in order.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows?

There are numerous ways to shape your eyebrows. What you need to do is to choose the best eyebrow grooming procedure which suits your face structure and style.


If you have fuller eyebrows consider yourself blessed. It does not require much maintenance as it becomes easy to trim your brows. Trimming shapes your eyebrows in a couple of minutes and it doesn’t require daily or weekly maintenance.

Step 1: Take the Spoolie and brush the eyebrows in an upward sweep. This is when you will notice there are certain hair which are disturbing the actual shape of your brow.

Step 2: Hold the hair with the help of the Spoolie. Now with the eyebrow scissors start trimming the sides and the edges till you get the desired eyebrow shape. This does not make the hair too short. You can repeat the same steps by brushing your eyebrows downwards and start trimming in the same way.

Step 3: At 45-degree angle brush of the hair and trim the excess hair. Make use of Spoolie, brush off excess hairs when you are done with the trimming.


This grooming method for eyebrows is for men who prefer doing things themselves. The person using the tool has full control when they tweeze their eyebrows. However, while plucking you need to make sure you understand the structure of the eyebrow. Don’t over pluck if each hair tends to grow back.

Step 1: Start with taking a hot damp towel over your eyebrows. Allowing your hair follicles to open up. This lessens the pain while plucking your hair.

Step 2: Check for stray hairs above your nose bridge and below your arches. With the help of the tweezers, pluck the hair out in quick pulls. Make sure to follow the hair growth pattern. If you don’t you might see ingrown hairs on your brows.

Step 3: Check the progress in the mirror every now and then to judge the appearance of the eyebrows. Avoid over-plucking to keep the brows in shape. Now take your Spoolie and brush off the hair on the eyebrow.


Safest way to remove eyebrow hair as no artificial products or cosmetics are used during the treatment. However, this is not for faint hearted people. So, if you are not confident about the procedure you can try other procedures.

Step 1: Take a good cotton thread which measures approximately 14 inches. Stand in front of a regular mirror which has appropriate lighting. As you need to see the process of how the thread is going to design the eyebrows.

Step 2: Tie the thread into a loop by holding it against your forearm and tying the two ends together. Secure the know of your loop so that it doesn’t break.

Step 3: Now the thumb holds one end of the thread and the forefinger holds the other end. You can now twist the thread around four to five times until you see a   twisted section form which looks like a bow.

Step 4: Now use your thumb and forefinger and position both the fingers in the thread one hand would close while the other remains open Make sure that the hands should move in a back-and-forth motion with the twisted part of the thread in the middle. Thus, removing the brow during the repeat procedure. Once you are comfortable doing the steps, it would be alright to start threading.

Step 5: The twisted center of the thread should be right above the hairs that you want to remove. As you start the hand movement the thread will automatically glide on the skin and will start removing the hair.

Step 6: When the hair is removed you might notice some redness on the skin. It is a very normal thing. Apply a nice cold ice pack wrapped in a towel or some aloe vera gel.

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