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Men’s Face Wash vs Face Scrub for Men

What is the Difference Between Face Wash and Face Scrub for Men?

For men’s skincare regime, the products required for washing your face are either a face scrub or a good face wash. However, when should you use a face wash or a scrub is one thing which many people have in mind. So, let’s simplify the things for you so that you could find out the differences between both. You will then understand how and when to use each of the products.

Many men are confused when to use a face wash and when to use a face scrub. Some men have never used any of these products. Actually, this is a basic skincare routine which should be followed by all men and they are both required together.

What’s A Men’s Face Wash?

A face wash is officially known as facial cleanser for men. It is available in liquid form and is generally different from the soap because it has liquid cleansing agents which are very gentle. The bar soap has detergent elements which are bonded all together with fatty substances and are not good for skin.

Every man wants the skin to look good by removing impurities but they don’t want the softness of the skin to vanish and become dry. The face wash is a product which needs to be used daily and are professional products that have salicylic acid in it to make it a gentle cleaner. It also conditions the skin. The property of the salicylic acid is very unique in nature as it cleans the pores and skin from its oily residues.

What’s A Men’s Face Scrub?

The only difference between a face scrub and a face wash is that the face scrub has small particles and other ingredients which can help your skin to physically exfoliate the first layer of the skin. A face scrub should have both qualities, be effective and gentle all together. The substance which is present in the face scrub which is also known as glycolic acid, smoothens the bonds which are present in the dead skin cells. Allowing it to remove the dirt to be removed by the exfoliating particles. In addition to glycolic acid, the face scrub softens the face by using soft and round miniature beads for exfoliation. Some face scrubs have large beads which can damage the skin of any man.

When And How Can Men Use Face Wash?

Every man can start using face wash every day in the morning when you take shower or even before you shave. You can wet your face and neck and just add a teaspoon of product. Lather up the product in your hand if you want amazing results on your skin. If your face skin is oily or you have been exercising, sweating or have been in an environment which was exposed to dirt then you need to repeat the steps. You can even use face wash before going to bed. However, make sure you use a face toner as well before going to sleep.

When And How to Use Face Scrub?

A face scrub can be used every other day, instead of using a face wash. You can use it at least 2-3 times every week. You can apply a small amount of the face scrub on your face and neck area and start by gently rubbing the product on the areas advised earlier. For the first few days use these products for a few seconds and then you can gradually use the product for up to a minute. The massage time helps your skin to remove the dead cells.

You should concentrate on the areas such as forehead, temple, cheeks, chin, side of the nose, neck. Never put the product on the areas such as lips and eyes. These areas are very sensitive and delicate. Using a face scrub before a shave can help you remove the beard in a much better way and will give you wonderful results as the hair stubs can be removed easily and open the follicles.

If you use the face scrub regularly, you would find that the skin has become used to exfoliation and will start to glow and look fresh. Exfoliation removes the layer of dead cells from the upper layer of the skin. This can make your skin sensitive to sunlight. Try to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Or you can use a sun screen lotion for men to protect your skin.

You can also use sunscreen with anti-aging products. This can help your skin exfoliate and also you will see new cells growing.

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