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How to Avoid Relationship Weight Gain

What is Relationship Weight Gain?  It’s REAL!

Who would like to gain weight while in a relationship? You may love to eat those chocolate chip cookies cooked by your sweetie. However, if you continue to have such indulgences for some time, it will eventually show around your belly. It is needless to say that gaining weight is easy for most of you. However, when it comes to reducing your body weight, you have to struggle a lot to achieve your desired weight.

When you are in any sort of a relationship, you should remember that there are several other things in life that demand your attention as well. If you tend to ignore yourself it will eventually show on your body and general health. Nobody likes to date a fat person. Thus, if you wish to stay in the same relationship forever, you will have to take good care of your body weight.

Tips To Avoid Relationship Weight Gain

There are several useful tips that can help you stay in shape and also enjoy your time with your partner. It is quite natural for people to ignore themselves when in a steady relationship. If this happens with you, it will make you look different and your partner may feel the urge of ditching you once and for all. Here are some tips that can help you stay in shape while going around with your partner and enjoying life together.

  • Dine In: It is a common sight to find people in a relationship dining out in an expensive restaurant. It feels good to have dinners and drinks together. However, going out on a date does not mean emptying your pocket over foods that simply add on to your calories. It will not be a bad idea to cook up a storm at home and enjoy the food together. When you cook on your own, it becomes very simple for you to control the portions and you also know what you are exactly eating. This helps your body weight remain normal and also lets you enjoy your time together.
  • Find Out And Overcome Bad Habits: Did you order pizza every weekend when you were single? If not, then why do so now that you are in a relationship? Your partner may be in the habit of having junk food every weekend. However, that does not mean that you will join in blindly. It will not be a bad idea to speak out the truth and point out the bad habit to your partner. If you express your desire of having something healthy this weekend, there is a great possibility that your lover will also compromise and join in. If this is not the case, you may allow your partner to order a small pizza and you can opt for a lighter meal.
  • Order A Glass And Not A Bottle: The more you have of anything, the bigger will be the possibility of you finishing it within a short time. Take the example of wine. While on a date, if you order a bottle of wine, you will naturally feel like finishing the full bottle. However, if you order a glass of wine, you will feel like taking your time and sip it gradually to savor the taste. When it comes to weight loss, alcohol may prove to be a major setback. Thus, keeping your intake under control is always a good idea.
  • Split The Course: If the two of you simply love the idea of eating it out every weekend, you need not give up the habit completely. You can definitely modify the order a bit. You may go ahead and order what you love to eat, provided the two of you agree to share the course. This way, you can eat whatever you want without worrying about weight gain. This will also help the two of you know each other’s preferences when it comes to foods.
  • Refrain From Keeping Up: When it comes to body weight and health, people are different in several ways. It may so happen that your man can finish a whole bowl of pasta in a matter of minutes. This does not mean that you will also try and do the same. The bodies of different people respond differently to some specific types of food. Thus, when you feel full, better stop gorging in more food. It may so happen that your partner may also stop eating when you finally put your fork down.
  • Exercise Together: When it comes to workouts, it always works if you exercise with someone. The two of you can motivate each other to push along for some more time. You may join a local gym together or a running club. Working out together will help the two of you reach your individual physical goals together. You can encourage each other and keep track of each other’s progress.
  • Change the Meaning of Date Night: Going on a date does not mean making reservations in an expensive restaurant, getting all dressed up, and eating foods that are nothing but bagful of calories. This will leave you out of shape in no time and may eventually break your relationship. There are several non-food dating ideas that you can try. You can take your partner along with you for bowling, laser tag, and something like that. All of these ideas do not involve any foods and will surely help you stay in shape for longer.
  • Get Each Other On Fitbit: Does your partner not have a Fitbit? In that case, you give him or her the perfect gift that is tech-forward, fun, and something that helps you build healthy habits. Once the two of you are on each other’s Fitbits, you will literally compete with each other gaining weight. You will keep each other from indulging in calorie rich foods for the entire life.

Keeping an eye on your body weight will help you stay healthy and happy for the rest of your life. You will be able to wear your age old jeans forever and also stay away from various health complications.

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